Human rights …Icons





Human Rights



2008 Human Rights Day

Human Rights Day 2008, A celebration of the All Human Rights, Human Rights Day, Dignity and Justice for all of us, The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Information About Human Rights Day And Many More Info.

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Unesco, Human Rights, 1974 Art Print by Joan Miro

Spanish surrealist Joan Miro (1893 -1983) paints with childlike exuberance in joyful rebellion against conventional painting methods. Influenced by the 1920’s Paris counterculture, his art is filled with wonderful absurdity. He often uses primary and secondary colors as well as organic shapes to convey a lively, energetic zest for life – beyond mere child’s play.
This high-quality art print is expertly produced to capture the vivid color and exceptional detail of the original.



One Response to “Human rights …Icons”

  1. elefsina Says:

    We are currently studying the 1789 French revolution. I have often thought that it was the most influential historical event in European History regarding human rights.
    Read more
    where you can even compare it to other bills of right.

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